Welcome to Phoenix Power Recyclers

Phoenix Power Recyclers is among Australia’s leading organics recycling companies.

We currently manufacture in excess of 200,000 cubic meters of finished compost per annum. Our signature ‘Prescription Compost 100’ is used to make landscaping soils, conditioners and other growing media for agricultural and horticultural applications.  

Located in the continually growing Yatala Industrial Precinct within the Gold Coast region, our Sandy Creek Rd site is a comprehensive waste recycling facility handling food & green organics, construction & demolition materials and many other waste types. For a full list of the materials and waste streams that we accept, please see our Services Page.

Operating on an Eco-Cluster Concept, Phoenix has evolved and developed innovative practices in recycling and composting that now have become the benchmark within the landscaping and horticulture industries in South East Queensland.

We are a fully integrated waste recovery and recycling company providing a “one stop” waste recovery solution for municipal waste generated in Australia and overseas.

Using sophisticated processes, Phoenix can receive, process, refine and beneficially reuse both solid and liquid wastes that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Fully licensed both locally and by the State, Phoenix strive to be considered the World Leader in the supply of recycled organic compost and in the long-term intend to harness the combustible element of our waste streams to generate Green, Renewable Energy.


Phoenix Power Recyclers Gold Coast and Brisbane waste disposal